Stone giants

Information collected and gathered by MoíArghon Maroun.

General description

Stone giants like almost all other giants are huge humanlike creatures. They have got their name by their grayish skin. Skin color varies from very light gray to nearly black. My comprehension is that living area has some effect on this. Skin is very thick and gives a good protection against both weather and many weapons. Of all giants the stone giants can be said to be most "hardened." A typical stone giant is about five meters tall and weighs about 2500 kilos. Physique of man and woman donít differ much of each other. Women are averagely a little shorter and slender than men, but not much. Despite of enormous size, stone giants are even surprisingly flexible and agile was is about fighting or moving in the rough roads of mountains. Their physique is muscular and well-proportioned. Hair is nearly without an exception dark-gray and usually long and little curly. Stone giants rarely grow beard. Color of the beard is same as hair color.

Life expectancy of stone giants is about 400 years. Only few of them however experience natural death in the old age. Hatred of other races and continuous hunting and raiding lead to early and violent death of most stone giants.

(Note: Commonly giants are assumed to be dirty and filthy creatures wallowing in filthy caves in dirty clothes. That definitely is not the truth. After observing life of some stone giant couple, I noticed them to take good care of their hygiene. Even though I wasnít able to observe very closely, it seemed that also adobe was kept clean and image of cave having half eaten carrions around didnít match even close to reality. All refuses were taken to safety distance and in travels they always washed up and refreshed in mountain brooks and ponds.)

General personality

It is difficult say anything sure about personality of stone giants. Commonly taken they are held up to be very cruel and brute even towards each other. It is true that other races are mainly only food for stone giants, but cruelty against each other doesnít seem to hold true. Among themselves the stone giants seem to be very social and even caring. They agree and defend each other and should someone be in trouble, it will be helped.

One very typical feature for all giants turned out to be true also in case of stone giants, their will of subordination towards smaller races. Mere food is not the only reason to "hunt" intuals. It is also a cruel play about which the giants get some sadistic amusement and raise their self-conceit. Happenings of the war of Black sun can also be one reason to cruelty against intuals. In the war almost all intuals were enemies of giants, therefore there is always also constant subconscious desire for revenge behind the behavior.

(Note: While observing the life of stone giants I felt enormous desire to go talking with them, because they were so harmless looking. That slackening could probably have cost my life. If intuals donít trust giants, either do giants trust intuals. Exploration of stone giant habits and more accurate characteristic features would need much more time that I currently have.)

Clothing / Decorations / Architecture

In their dressing stone giants favor animal skins and simple fabrics. Leather is achieved from game animals and fabrics are usually loot. Thanks to thick skin, the importance of clothes against weather is very minor. Excluding northern regions, amount of used clothes is small and clothing usually consists of simple loincloth on men and loincloth and sleeveless shirt on women. Shoes are usually leather wrapped around foot and tied tightly with a thread.

Stone giants donít decorate themselves much. Decorating is primarily limited to casual bracelets and necklaces robbed from intuals and used as rings and bracelets by giants.

Housing / Society

Stone giants can be encountered in all climatic zones. Main residential areas are mountains and stony hills. Wandering and hunting stone giant groups can well be encountered also in other terrains. Stone giants donít chance their living place very often like many other giants. Typical adobe is a large cave in a flank of mountain or rock. The cave could be roughly furnished with wooden or stony furniture. Depending on the size of cave one or more families could inhabit the same cave. Several other families could also live in same area forming a loose society. Cooperation between members of the society is primarily only common defense and guarding. Their habits to live together vary very much. Stone giants living in a larger area could form a larger society, which have own chieftain and even a shaman. These kinds of clans are better organized and everything happens for benefits of the clan.

Adobe is usually established close to some trading route. Best possible place in perspective of stone giants would be on a top of pass, where it would be easy to lurk for trading caravans passing through the pass.

Common hierarchy of clan:

Chieftain is an absolute leader. Its word is the law and in case of disagreement, the problem is usually resolved with weapons. Main task of the chieftain is to organize possible forays. The chieftain usually is the strongest giant and anyone can challenge it for duel, which always ends up to a death of other participant. Winner of the duel is the new chieftain. All disagreements however are not solved with weapons.

Shaman is the spellcaster of the clan. Usually it is the most intelligent giant of the clan and is able to cast low level spells. Magic is limited usually to all kind of element spells. Shamans are usually feared among stone giants, because they are thought to be supernatural persons due to their magical skills. Shaman is almost equivalent to chieftain in clan hierarchy.

Warrior. All stone giants, excluding children, are warriors. Everyone is willing to furiously defend clan and residential area when needed. Men and women are equal warriors and both take up arms in threat of danger.

Children. All non-adult stone giants. In threat of danger all children are taken to caves. In some cases nearly adult young stone giant could take part of battle, but usually older children take care of younger during the danger.

Practically the hierarchy affects so that chieftain and shaman have right to take best parts of loot, though usually every warrior being part of foray keeps loot it has gained.

(Note: I have always been interested in how other races live, so with threat of death I sneaked into stone giant cave at one autumnal day when host and hostess were away. I was totally surprised how homely the cave was, though "furniture" was very simplified. Large and plane stone worked as a table. Fireplace was close to entrance and around it was three large logs possibly as benches. In the rear of the cave was berth quilted with brushwood and hay. All in all everything was quite primitive and simplified looking.)

Livelihood and Economy

Main livelihood method of stone giants is hunting. In addition to intuals many animals, like deers, reindeers and even beasts like bears and wolves living in hills and mountains belong to game. Knowingly stone giants donít cultivate anything nor breed cattle. Game animals are often eaten raw. Because of their enormous size, stone giants must eat huge amounts. Life is continuous hunting and searching of food, while diet consists of nearly meat only. In addition to meat, stone giants could occasionally fish from fishy river or pond or even in case of emergency temporarily eat some plants and roots.

Stone giants donít trade with other races and not even with any other giants. Among them all trading is exchange trading.


Relationship means almost nothing to stone giants. Offspring spent time with parents till the adulthood whereupon they leave on their own way. There is not any tight emotional bond between parents and offspring. If the offspring leaves living farther from its family and society, it rarely returns. If the family belongs to a larger society, a clan, usually the offspring remains living in region of the clan and strengthens the clan for its part. In a stone giant family all property belongs absolutely to man. Womanís task is to bring forth and take up arms and defend family and clan when needed. Women donít participate to forays.

Language and penmanship

Language of stone giants, Cveraca sounds very slow and rough. As a matter of fact the language is very complex and advanced with many different nuances, but slowness of speech make it clumsy and primitive sounding. The language is one reason why intelligence of stone giants and many other giants is often underestimated. Stone giants donít have actual writing, but they use simple runes and signs to leave marks for others and mark their property.

(Note: I tried to get some clarity of the language of stone giants and tried even to comprehend it a bit, but in vain. Words pronounced in a bit different way could give it a just opposite meaning. Structure of the language is so strange if compared to other languages that internalization would take a lot of time.)

Religion and Religious festivals

To a certain extend stone giants are religious and they worship or at least honor mingled with fear to Gxotar. It is known that stone giants could occasionally sacrifice captured intuals to Gxotar. In some cases in the rear of home cave could be a small altar where part of loot is sacrificed for thanksgiving and propitiation.

Stone giants donít have any known festivals.

Myths and Legends

There are not any known existing myths or legends about stone giants. Stone giants themselves could tell tales about past times and deeds among themselves.

(Note: I did my best to get into range of audibility always when group of stone giants were resting or discussing to get even some image of their subjects of conversations. Due to dangerousness of the attempt, I was not able to hear anything referring to myths or legends.)

History / Comprehensions about history

There are a lot of speculations about origin of stone giants as well as about origin of all other giants too. Most supported theory is that all giants would be degenerated titans. It is suspected that long time ago part of titans separated or got separated of the glorious culture of titans and in the course of time all that brightness, intelligence and nobility retrograded in the way of surviving and managing. Different residential areas, diets, hybridizing with other races and coincidence could have gradually formed giants to whole new and own races having own clear features and attributes.

The war of the Black sun was turning-point in history of Meln and giants join to it strongly. In the Age of miracles power and influence of Gxotar - The lord of chaos - grew especially among dark races and in great numbers they began preparing to a great war, which would raise them to the rulers of the world. Giants throughout Meln gathered with other dark races and formed armies everywhere. At those times number of giants was much greater than nowadays and they caused great destruction where ever they moved and took part on battles. Just stone giants were the elite forces of Gxotar and their accuracy of throwing stones was used in crushing of many towns or villages.

Stone giants along with frost giants mainly worked as leaders of groups because of their intelligence, size and enormous strength. War continued for years and thousands and thousands stone giants perished. The war ended in time with known result and so ended stone giantsí time on a top of their power. Their number had decreased considerably and survived individuals withdrew recovering further off civilized world. The war ended, but hatred towards stone giants was corroded into minds of intuals in perpetuity.

Nowadays number of stone giants is slightly larger than after the war, though not very much and therefore they are rarely encountered.


Technology of stone giants is not very developed and level of it varies much depending on area. Technology level may be said to vary from Stone Age to Dark-ages.

Military / Common weapons and techniques

Stone giants are fearsome opponents. Their main weapon is usually huge wooden or stone club or in rare (5%) cases enormous sword. Most fearsome attack of stone giant is its ability to throw stones. Of all giants, stone giants are most accurate and lethal. They began their attack usually without an exception by throwing huge boulders and enter melee only if there is need anymore.

Stone giants are very skilled ambushers, whose gray skin help them camouflaging well to a rocky terrain. They always aim to crush targetís ability to fight and cause panic with first shower of boulders. After that everything is only finishing.

Stone giants rarely use any armor or shield, because of their tough and well protecting skin.

(Note: Once on my journeys in western parts of Antcash I have visited a small village, where stone giants had attacked. Survived villagers told that there had been only three giants, but still they had managed to destroy nearly entire village. Bodies crushed by thrown boulders were not nice to look, but gave good image of accuracy and strength of thrown stones of giants. Light palisade surrounding the village hadnít either given much protection. In this case savior of the village was nearby camping army unit, which had knowingly succeeded in slaying all giants.)

Relations to other races

Stone giants are hated among intuals everywhere in Meln. Stone giants get along quite well with hill, mountain and frost giants, though giants of other races donít deal with each other much. Storm and sun giants hate stone giants. Stone giants rarely encounter with cave giants and usually encounter end up to a fight, because cave giants see all other races than themselves as a potential meals. Stone giants are cruel towards humans and other races and usually also "play" with prey before killing. Meat of intual belongs to favorites of stone giants and therefore they gladly lurk for humans along trading routes.

Many lesser "dark" races like orcs and goblins almost worship stone giants as well as many other giant races and often wandering stone giant group could have some orcs or goblins or similar creatures with them. Stone giants donít respect those lesser races seeking their company, but regard them as servants, which can be sent to death. Those other races work also as a makeshift if starvation threatens. Orcs and goblins rarely get anything valuable left of possible loot.


Intelligence of stone giants is often underestimated and they are even thought to be primitive. As a matter of fact they after all are not much more stupid than average human, so some of them can cast spells. However certain bloodthirstiness and chaoticness of mind prevents development of high level magical skills. There is some low level spellcasters though. Most intelligent stone giants able to cast spells usually work as shamans of clan or society.

There is no information about psi-powers among stone giants. Probably it is impossible to assume psi-powers due to chaoticness of mind.


Knowingly at least during the war of Black sun stone giant skins were used for making firm leather armors. There was shortage of weapons and armors so slain stone giants were skinned and leather armors were manufactured of their skin especially for archers and those footmen not having armor.