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Thaim -
Master of seas

General description

Thaim is concerned to be cruel and bloodthirsty god. He either is known of forgiveness. He is only propitious towards his own people and other are at most only free game. Fishes, aquatic elves and many other creatures living in seas are his people. Saagi are about the only ground living people that Thaim tolerates and distantly regards to be his people. To respect Thaim Saagi have refused to eat any sea creatures.

Thaim is described to be a colossal creature living in water. He lives in Staeldronia, which is a parallel dimension of water. Thaim is believed to be so large that while standing in the deepest part of ocean his head can be seen in surface. Thaim is conceived to be a bald and bearded figure. Actually his beard is being formed of eight tendrils, which can reach in all eight seas of Meln.

Thaim has same kind of character as cheeky sailors have. He is conceived to be noisy and cheeky in his own hermit like solitude. His speech is at least seeping inferior humor. Thaim’s attitude toward young gods and ground living creatures is if not hostile, but at least indifferent. His existence seems to be base on only for his own egocentricity. He is believed to be partying eternally. Many holy books speak about eternal submarine feasts where only invited can take a part. There is two kind of invited: those who get eating at the buffet table and those who fall into table to be eaten.

Nuot the prince of lakes and rivers is said to be son of Thaim. Thaim himself denies all relations for that young god although he conflictingly admits that Nuot born in his head. Songs of the Sea tell how Thaim once happen to come on a shore same time with An’Gaia. Thaim listened An’Gaia’s talk although he himself didn’t speak much. After An’Gaia had left, Thaim though her words. He found matters inside of him, matters that he didn’t even know to exist. Thoughts struggled inside him, but he tightly kept them inside the deepest corners of his mind. Those thoughts gave him a head-ache. Thaim suffered for thousand years and finally he went into loneliness and spitted those torturing thoughts out. Those thoughts formed a responsible and peaceful young god. When Thaim saw Nuot, he shook his head and walked back into his ocean. Nuot remained close to shore and thought the meaning of his existence. Eight starturns he sat and thought. Then he stood up, looked at the ocean once and left on his own way by some swift river towards inland.

Stories about the Whirlpool

The Whirlpool leading into Staeldronia is located in the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean. Old sailor tales tell that the Whirlpool has eight rocks around it like Thaim has eight tendrils in his beard. The rocks glow coldness, pain, darkness, panic, uncertainty, infirmity, hopelessness and anger of ocean into all seas. The deeper ground dwelling creatures dive, the stronger they feel the power of the stones. Should some uninvited being find the Whirlpool and should it somehow manage to avoid the power of the stones, the stones call guardians from the Whirlpool.

First the stone of coldness calls forth soulless corpses of all drowned sailors attacking against the intruder. The stone of pain calls forth a primeval octopus from the Whirlpool. It is a giant sized sea monster with thousand tendrils. Tendril of that giant octopus is so big that it could wrap around the biggest ship that have ever sailed in Meln. Tendril is so strong that is could crush that ship like white shark crushes bones of its victim. The rock glowing darkness calls forth a beast called Khtar. It is enormous sized flat monster, which chokes all light. It downright absorbs light into itself and the more light it absorbs the bigger it grows. Fourth stone that causes panic calls forth a hundreds of carnivorous fishes having mouths full of needle sharp teeth. The fifth stone that causes uncertainty calls forth a whale from the Whirlpool. The whale swallows the intruder and it has eight cavities leading away from its stomach. Seven of those cavities lead to a certain death and one out. The stone of infirmity calls forth a Death star. It is a pitch black starfish, which grasps its victim and absorbs its life force. The stronger the victim is, the stronger the Death star becomes. The stone of hopelessness calls forth its guardian, which is an enormous glass surfaced oyster. It alights on the Whirlpool and plugs it perfectly. Only way to get past the oyster is to open it and enter the Whirlpool via its maw. The problem is that the stronger one tries to force the oyster open the stronger the oyster keeps its shell closed. Last guardian of the Whirlpool is a creature called Leviatan. It is the most powerful of all monsters of the Whirlpool. Nobody have ever seen it and it is suspected to be so horrible that even the most horrid tales can not give it justice it earns.

All these are torments of those who try to get in Staeldronia uninvited. Eternal whirl of water passes the Whirlpool. It simultaneously sucks water in and spits water out. Inner clockwise whirl spits water out and outer counter-clockwise whirl sucks water into depths of the Whirlpool.


Since the beginning of times Thaim has got along on his own. He is a solitary soul. He doesn’t hate nor be ill-disposed towards other old gods, but he either feels closeness of other gods necessary. At most Thaim has to do with Garneird and Sagoin. Sagoin and Thaim get along well, because both of them appreciate self-acting, almost self-sufficiency and individual strength. With Garneird Thaim gets along quite well, because they are element couple in “cosmic order” against An’Gaia and Que’Anya or in other words earth and fire.

Relation between Nuot and the Master of Seas is mostly like the relation between master and servant. Nuot will always be invited into Thaim’s feast, but Nuot’s characteristic activity won’t leave much time for celebrating. Some philosophers have insisted that Nuot and Thaim would actually be one and the same god. Rules indeed don’t bind the gods.

Counter force - Que’Anya

Thaim and Que’Anya begun hating each other in the beginning of times. Some certain absolute and unexpected characteristics are in straight collision course with each other. In their own ways they however respect each other and in legends it appears in form of mutual taunting and nagging.

Thaim is ugly but strong. Que’Anya is beautiful and slender. Certain kind of tardiness and strength belong to basic values of Thaim and to same extend Que’Anya is the most impulsive and perhaps most “aimless” of all gods.

Realm - Staeldronia

If compared to Meln, Staeldronia is ancient and completely different world like the first worlds of all old gods. Staeldronia is throughout under water. There is not much intelligent life, but other beasts, animals and plants typical to that world are more common than in any other world. Creatures in Staeldronia live mostly by their own without any attention of their god. Intelligent creatures are intelligent enough not to disturb Thaim with prayers and beasts and animals don’t even know how to pray. Nuot takes care of almost all matters in Staeldronia while Thaim eternally celebrates with his people and sometimes even with Nuot. Leviatans are holy people of Thaim and Nuot. They are most powerful beings in Staeldronia. Their tasks consist of many things from guarding to collecting souls. They are like small gods, which in addition to Thaim and Nuot grant magical powers and even miracles to priests. Leviatans are often described to be enormous creatures resembling dragons, crocodiles and king-ray, which majestically glide in Staeldronia.


All in all there is only a very small amount of priests of Thaim. In many cases worshipping Thaim and Nuot is combined to same entirety, because Thaim is not believed to answer very willingly to prayers of his worshippers. Priest’s matter must be very remarkable if he feels the “touch” of Thaim. In most cases the prayers of the priests of Thaim are directed to Leviatans.

Worshipping Thaim is very masculine and priests are always men, excluding some exceptions. The priests are not allowed to eat any sea life and that thing also belongs on their oath. Nobody have ever proved what will happen if priest eats sea life, but it is suspected that they would at least lose their favor and powers. It is also said that the priest could die if he would eat even a bit of some sea dwelling creature.

Nearly only ground living people that have priests of Thaim are saage. Commonly taken it is a honor to saage that they don’t eat fish and eating fish is forbidden among them by the threat of death sentence.

Cult ceremonies

The rites of priests consist of propitiation of the anger of sea and sacrificial rituals. Sacrifices vary much from food to animals or even to humans depending on culture and importance of the ritual. Human sacrifices are usually women. Ship priests are very exact about food. In any case food is very important in sea, but part of it must be reserved for sacrificing to propitiation of sea. Should the mere food be not enough, then the priest must choose one volunteer from crew to be sacrificed for good of the rest crew and ship. First “volunteers” are usually food stealers and other troublemakers. Only priests are allowed to perform sacrificial rituals.

Special comprehensions of people

Indifference of Thaim was already seen at one time when he gave a gift of logical thinking for only a few nations. His world have more nations than worlds of any other god. Only a fraction of these nations are intelligent and most of them think like animals only living by their instincts. The elves are first-born of his people. Thaim gave them gift to breathe both water and air. Many elven tribes got disappointed for Thaim’s egocentricity and raised on ground, where they found Nuot and An’Gaia. In the care of An’Gaia part of the elves acquainted with her people and hybridized with them. People begun calling this elven tribe as the grand elves.

Divine artifact

Shore of the Gods

Beyond the high seas there is a shore where Thaim and An’Gaia met each other. On that shore Thaim spit Nuot into the world. Same shore where Nuot thought and wondered meaning of him. Sand of that shore is gold. It is warm and soft to walk. One never feels hunger or thirst on that shore. There is never gold and never storm. Waves always hit the shore caressing. Atmosphere there is calm and peaceful and passing of time is very tardy and gentle. Sailors always tell cabin-boys about that shore, like they would be moving on that place at their old age.

On that shore one would clearly hear what "Songs of the sea" mean. Waves hit the shore rhythmically. Sea birds add their own song in to that melody. From afar screams of dolphins and whales can be heard. All that pushes into listeners mind and tells a story about Thaim, birth of the world, youth of gods and many other secret matters.

Sea stone and Liieh-Drae

Sea stone is the stone sang in the Songs of the Sea. From the first it was a salt stone and according to Songs of the Sea it broke up for an eight stone slabs around the Whirlpool. When the stone broke up, an enormous amount of salt overflowed into the seas and for that reason sea water is salty.

Songs also tell about the holy Athlandor, aquatic elf, who found the heart of the Sea stone. It was like a deep blue opal, which was so bright that it illuminated even the most deepest and darkest parts of sea-bed. The elf named the heart of the Sea stone as “Liieh-Drae”, which freely translated means a blue and bright stone. Athlandor attached Liieh-Drae to his trident and left fighting against the fire-demon. That plaque sent by Que’Anya had enslaved one elven nation on ground and same time also beloved of Athlandor. Athlandor killed the beast but lose also his own life. The elves buried Athlandor and his trident into some underwater cave between Britcer and Antcash.

Holy symbol and holy scriptures - The Songs of the Sea

Thaim never cared to write any holy scriptures for his people. Instead he always sang with his charming low voice. In festivals he always sang. Sometimes his voice stopped even the Time itself for listening. The Time just stood silently and listened.

In Meln sea sings these songs of Thaim, but only few are able or care to listen what sea has to say. Aquatic elves have written down those songs as a collection of poems into books made of seaweed. These songs hide enormous amount of the secrets of sea, holy rituals and regimens.

Written by : NorAdron
Translated by : MoR

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