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Sagoin - Faceless -
Prince of night, development and knowledge seeking

General description

Sagoin is very powerful and progressive god. He doesnít tolerate weakness, but sees it as a mistake, which can only be fixed by wiping it off of existence. Roughly can be said that Sagoin is an evolution. It aims to destroy weak so that only strong will survive. Unfortunately Sagoin sees only one side of this matter. In his opinion only submitting, destroying, ruling and other similar qualities are strengths. Devotion, love and cooperation are antithesis of Sagoin. Sagoin saws these kind of qualities as a beginning and source of weakness.

Sagoin doesnít have body anymore. His embodiment is human guise breathing cosmic emptiness. He seems to wear a crown on his head. (Or on a place where his head should be). On a place of his eyes he has two piercing bright light points. That cosmic emptiness forming Sagoinís body has created his image to be the Prince of night.


Sagoin and Garneird are twins. Even though Garneird is conceived to be the first-born the holy scriptures imply that they have born at the same time. Some writings even insist that Sagoin would have been first one to become aware of his existence. In birth Sagoin got will to learn and develop. After learning everything possible from himself and his own world, he frustrated and almost ruined his own world in anger. Sagoinís daughter Dretan tempted his father to learn from other gods. So Sagoin went into his brothers world learning new matters. Garneirdís essence however was too suffocating in his own world and Sagoin wasnít able to stay there for a long. While he was in Garneirdís world, he saw the power of controlling and adopted a desire to control. Because Sagoin wasnít able to spent time in other godís worlds, he had to tempt gods away from their own worlds. He tempted other gods for a Grand creation to create a world common to all gods. First one to join in the Grand creation was Garneird and after him Qunaidus and AníGaia. Gradually all gods felt the calling of the Grand creation. The last one to join was Achali. All gods brought their own essence and people in to the world and everything were perfect.

When Sagoin had created base for the Grand creation he went to Garneirdís world and took the Band of controlling and set it on his head. Sagoin felt satisfaction of creation, but also pain when his essence mixed with the essence of his brother. Garneird got forever angry for his brothers deceit, but still even he couldnít resist the power of the Band of controlling. Sagoin declared the Grand creation under his power and for a sign of that power he set his own people ruling people of other gods. Humans were people of Sagoin and Dretan. They inhabited many planets and parallel-dimensions in the Grand creation. Because Sagoin had stolen the meaning of Garneird, Garneirdís essence and existence begun fading towards the death of god: non-existence.

Sagoin forged the Grown of ruling, because the power of Garneirdís Band of controlling started fading with its true owner and that tear Sagoinís essence further. Sagoins intention was to transfer the power of the Band into his crown, which to same extend was forged from Sagoinís own essence. Because the Band was the heart of Garneirdís essence, Sagoin wasnít powerful enough to shape that ďborrowedĒ power. Sagoinís act was so conflicting that his own essence broke loose and he himself begun fading towards non-existence.

Qunaidus is counter-force of Sagoin. In the planes of gods everything have its counterpart and without counterpart also other partís existence will become unstable. Qunaidus bind Sagoinís instability into itís body and Sagoinís essence into the Crown. This way Sagoin only lost itís body and his meaning and essence remained among the gods. Qunaidus gave the Band of Controlling back to nearly insignificant Garneird. Garneird got his meaning back and started strengthening slowly. With the lost of his body, Sagoin also lost part of his power. He lost the secret of creation.

Sagoinís act endangered entire existence and therefore he is in disfavor of many gods. This was the first conflict between Sagoin and Garneird, the heart of eternal hate. When the Grand creation was ready, Garneird imprisoned Sagoin into Devil-crystal. After that he released wills of all humans to join any god they wanted and denied the worshipping of Sagoin. Some humans however still remained faithful to Sagoin and honored their Master through Dretan.

Thousands of years Sagoin lied in the Devil-crystal until Dretan created very powerful weapon capable of breaking her fathers prison. After escaping, Sagoin gave part of his powers to his faithful servants and advised them to steal the secret of creation from Garneird. They got the secret but were caught in last line and were not able to took the secret to their master.

There has been many other conflicts between the two brothers and there will surely be many before the world sinks to non-existence.


Sagoin has indefinite position. Many other gods see him in a same way as Garneird, traitor and renegade. Many think him to be just like he was created to be and accept him as such. Some gods think he is oldest god and should have to take his position as the First-born among all gods. Indisputably can be said that he definitely is mightiest god. Even though he has lost much of his power, the learning capacity of his essence is able to renew and replace all losses. Sagoin is able to quickly abide all situations. Sagoin is the power that moves development and existence of Meln. Sagoin has good relations to Dretan, Mathor, LoiíIatha, Thaim, Toga, Chorin and QueíAnya. He hates and despises Garneird, AníGaia, Urgan, Mergin, Nuot, Ananum and Protair.


The counterforce of Sagoin is Qunaidus. Sagoinís essence is development and learning. To same extend Qunaidus conceals and preserves knowledge and restrains development. These opposites donít actually fight with each other.

Realm - Sagitas

Sagitas is a world overflowing icy cold hatred and power. Only strongest survive and weak ones die once again every day. Love, mercy, pity or unselfishness are not tolerated in Sagitas. Entire society bases on submitting the weaker and eternal fight dominates this world. It is said that Sagitas has many levels, where strongest live higher and rule weaker living under them. Weakest beings live and die in lowest levels. It is believed that lowest and highest level doesnít even exist. There will always be one step higher or lower level. Every time a being dies, it will move one level lower and starts itís life there in lowest hierarchy. Every time a being achieves a notable victory, it rises one step higher and starts itís life there in lowest hierarchy. This leads to quite a politics and machination. A victory of some being might rise another being to be a strongest being in that level.

It is believed that evil intuals fall into Sagitas after their death. There they have to begin agonizing battle towards higher levels. Beings in higher levels are very powerful and strong even in divine scale, but still live in mortal limits. All beings living in Sagitas are called devils and demons.

From the first all beings in Sagitas were humans that were faithful to Sagoin and remained in Sagitas when Sagoin was imprisonment into Devil-crystal. By their loyalty they got enormous powers from Sagoin. These powers changed their appearance so that they were not anymore recognized to be humans.

Priests and cult ceremonies

Still Garneirdís denial about worshipping Sagoin is valid almost everywhere in Meln. Though many hated races like orcs, goblins, molthars and giants may publicly worship Sagoin in their own communities. Worshipping Sagoin mainly bases on seeking of personal dominance and power. In temples of Sagoin only survivors got more confidence and power. Those that donít belong survivors end up into Sagitas.

Sacrifices are very common and they are often completed by assassinating with a sacrificial dagger. There is also many humans worshipping Sagoin. Regarding to power, Sagoin is very generous to powerful, but takes everything off from the losers. Also ďBlack-wizardsĒ are regarded to be priests of Sagoin. They are wizards, who use essence magic in their spells. Their difference to a common wizard is that they got power for their spells from Sagoin or his demons. They drive Sagoinís cause knowingly or unknowingly.

Special comprehensions of people

Sagoin doesnít actually have own people in Meln. Everyone seeking power enough to turn on Sagoin and believing to endure the hard competition belong to Sagoinís people. This competition only donít have an end. When a competitor tires for the contest, he probably get murdered and ends up into Sagitas to that ďGrand and eternal contest.Ē

Divine artifact

Sagoinís Crown is distorted duplicate of the Garneirdís Band. The Crown holds core of Sagoinís essence. Should mortal wear the Crown he would be able to control anything in Meln. Or at least he would believe to be master of his own will.

It is believed that the Devil-crystal was first solid item in Meln and basis of all matter. It was created to imprison Sagoin because of his betrayal. It is believed that later the Great unknown used the Devil-crystal to bring forth all matter. The Devil-crystal mainly belongs to the dwarven mythology. Legends tell that the Devil-crystal is located in the heart of the world and it would be possible to manipulate all matter with it.

Holy symbol and holy scriptures - The Black book (Stagara)

Sagoinís symbol is his Crown. Everything that is visible of him is described in his holy symbol: Sagoinís Crown and eyes.

All Sagoinís teachings and knowledge is written for a one book in Sagitas. Name of this book is Stagara. Copies of Stagara are called by names the Black book or the Book of night. The black book contains powerful destruction and controlling spells. It is said that the original Stagara has hidden spells so powerful that a mere mortal coulndít even read them without losing its mind.

During times piles of Black books have been destroyed, but new and more enduring books appear for annoyance of Garneirdís priests.

Written by : NorAdron
Translated by : MoR

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