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An'Gaia -
Mother earth

"Oh holy, great mother, for honor of your glory, oh holy earth.
I want to say. I want to dance your honor.
Sisters of the shades of forests, brothers of waters and mountains
let’s raise our souls to foster her holy land."

-Beginning of the hymn of the Holy Land, Grand elves-

General description

An’Gaia is mother earth. She is the preserver and protector of all life. She respects individuality and doesn’t see faults, but only differences. An invalid creature is not faulty nor invalid for her, but only different, which has own meaning in the world.

An’Gaia is the second essence of earth. At the time when spirits were bound to matter, Urgan stroke the most powerful creature of the world in eternal sleep. This creature was the beast landed from the darkest night. An’Gaia touched the beast and it changed into fire and black stone. After that An’Gaia bound her own body to the sleeping beast to prevent materializing spirits burning themselves and changing to a black stone. The power of black stone that if mortal touches it, it will also change to a black stone. For this reason some call An’Gaia as a “double-faced goddess.” When she wishes she is plentiful and fertile and occasionally dry and barren. In a way An’Gaia is only the fruitful and protecting layer on a ground, but because of the bond she is also the dark beast landed from the darkest night and sleeping very deep underground. If though dualistic, An’Gaia is two different persons. She is the Mother-earth and the beast of the darkest night.

Even though An’Gaia’s body is earth, her spirit dominates everywhere like spirits of all other gods. Where her spirit is strongest, trees are bigger and vegetation more luxuriant than elsewhere. Because of the mystic happenings of the past, her spirit only rarely visits in the Great desert of the Ancient gods. Should her spirit happen to visit there, it feels like sweet and moist wind. When she passes the desert, burgeons stretch above ground to see her, but die right after bursting into abloom. In the Great desert of the ancient gods plants can’t live long, because melancholy and gloomy thoughts of An’Gaia chokes them.

It is told that An’Gaia’s embodiment is a silvery white owl. In visual arts she is often described also as a human sized beautiful woman consisting of plants and flowers. Flock of birds and butterflies always surround her. Forest animals guard her and plants give a way to her or stretch towards her to caress her skin.


An’Gaia is conceived to be oldest goddess of the pantheon and partly for that reason she has got role of mother. Her solicitude and partnership with the First-born god supports her position as a mother of all living. She has quite good relations to all other gods. Especially good relations she has with Urgan, Nuot, Aiger and Opanta.


An’Gaia is earth, so her counter-force is sky, Garneird. Her partnership with Garneird bases just on that counter-forces complete each other.

Realm - Hlaia Thihadiel

Hlaia Thihadiel is a derivative from the grand elven language and it means the Home of Souls. Souls of a ground buried creatures that long for the rest and refreshment get into Hlaia Thihadiel. There the spirit of An’Gaia sings refreshment for the souls so that they could reborn to another time, another place and as an another creature when time is right. Hlaia Thihadiel is an endless verdant forest. Souls gather celebrating and having fun into openings of that endless forest. Souls get nourishment from the clear streams flowing in the forest and in those streams the souls can wash away all sorrows and burdens of the world. The forest has only one secret that nobody is purposed to visit. That secret is Alduuna, a great spring where An’Gaia undresses herself naked and bathes. When An’Gaia is bathing, great black beast guards her and petrifies all who dare to come close to the spring.

Elven saints, Mladythaans, guard Hlaia Thihadiel. When they lived they were the most devoted priestesses of An’Gaia. Also other races than elves belong to Mladythaans, but most of them are elves. It is said that even goblins belong them. Their holy task is to guard and take care of the peace of Hlaia Thihadiel and dispossess, in other words eliminate, all intruders. They also have complete power to control earth, plants and animals.


All priests of An’Gaia are priestesses. Their task is to protect holy earth, preserve and teach An’Gaia’s teachings and perform ceremonies. Ceremonies that belong to job description of priestesses of An’Gaia are funerals, hunting festivals and birth festivals. They also have part in many other ceremonies, but amount of those depends completely on the major religion of people.

Priestesses also take care of temples of An’Gaia.

Cult ceremonies

An’Gaia is mostly worshipped by a personal ceremonies. Even temples of An’Gaia don’t have any regular common ceremonies, but people can go there calming down, thinking and praying whenever it fits to them. In every big city everyone regardless of their sex, race and appearance can visit the temple of An’Gaia. Even grand elves wouldn’t dare to dispossess orc from the temple of An’Gaia, if orc somehow manages to slip into temple of An’Gaia in grand elven city. Temples of An’Gaia are quite simple what comes to loose items, but scarcity of items is compensated well by the amount of pot plants and the beauty and glory of wall frescos. Commonly taken all priestesses of An’Gaia are very talented in visual arts. Their passion is to improve already almost perfect fresco. For this reason all frescos almost live and are very detailed. Colors of these paintings never fade.

Special comprehensions of people

There is two base comprehensions about An’Gaia that vary depending on a culture. Some see her as a mild and gentle independent mother. For other people she is parturient and care taker submitted by Garneird. Because of her concreteness An’Gaia is the greatest and most powerful goddess. She is self-sacrificing and the holy earth. They refuse to believe that An’Gaia could have other side than the Mother-earth. Name An’Gaia is believed to become from elves but on the other hand the goddess had a name long before elves. Goblins and some other dark races have yet fourth quite common comprehension about her. For these dark races she is objectively harsh, cruel and in some perverted way caring mother.

Divine artifact

Tree of Eternal life. It is intelligent ancient tree, which is believed to be located in grand elven city somewhere in the shades of Everlasting forest. Tree of Eternal life can give a fruit to its chosen creature and grant eternal life for it.

Holy symbol and holy scriptures - Stonetables

An’Gaia’s holy symbol has a landing silvery owl described on it. This reflects the event when An’Gaia flied in a form of silvery owl upon the beast that landed from the darkest night and bound her own body to this beast and brought forth a solid ground for mortal beings.

Stone tables are An’Gaia’s holy teachings to mortals. In a dream An’Gaia showed elven saint Shaellarin a way into a holy cave. This cave got name Rock-temple because nature had shaped enormous cave inside a granite mountain. Walls of the cave were full of holy scriptures of An’Gaia. With help of Stonetables Shaellarin learned to read and later taught own disciples in the same cave. Stonetables consist of 1221 tables.

Written by : NorAdron
Translated by : MoR

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