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Achali -
The Guardian of time

General description

Time is a rhythm. Achali is the motion between the material and the spirit. Achali is the flow of time. The flow of time, however, is not that the time moves on. The flow of time is that the people move on in time. Achali is manifested to be the last of the elder gods.

“Every mortal has its own time”

Achali is personified to be a large ethereal shape in a night sky. He is thought to be so big that only an eye formed of stars is seen in the sky. The eye of Achali is formed of six bright stars of northern sky. That constellation is called as “The guardian” or “The eye of Achali”. From the night sky Achali is believed to be observing mortals and guarding the passing of time. Some people believe Achali sees and knows everything happening in Meln. From the sky Achali sees in to the past to know how the future would come. People think Achali to be a crossing where Time, Coincidence and Probability meet. He builds the future and he has numerous amounts of “blue ghosts” as his servants.

Achali plans and concludes the passing of world’s time. He creates possibilities and determines meanings to everything that exists. This however doesn’t mean that Achali would decide how things would go and takes the free will from all. On the contrary Achali plans probable possibilities so that the intual would have a possibility to make its own decisions. The intuals can’t turn to gods blaming them for their own mistakes. Everybody has its own choices and everybody must make them by themselves. Everybody must also face the consequences of their own choices. Because of that the future is much more frightening than the past or the present. It is just the freedom of choice that maps out the souls of mortals to themselves, others and gods. The intuals are sums of their choices.


Achali is the last one of the elder gods who joined to the “Grand creation.” He cooperates much with Volaris. In some cultures Achali and Volaris are conceived to be brothers. In some other cultures they are specified to be enemies. If Volaris is conceived to be the end of everything in those cultures, then Achali is the symbol of continuity and better future. Achali, as well as Volaris get along well with all gods. When planning the future and continuity Achali must discuss and even argue much with other gods. Achali however is too objective to get to quarrel.

Counterforce – Volaris

Achali is the representative of the active part of the rhythm of time and cosmos. His presence however is not the pulse, but he acts for the advantage of the pulse. Also Volaris only represents the silence, but still he either isn’t the actual silence. By these facts it may be said that the counterforce of Achali is Volaris. Even though concepts, attitudes, thoughts and life styles are the biggest subject matters between religions of Time and Destiny, in the large scale the brothers seem to be working very well together.

Let’s come to a head that the Grand creation or in other words Meln would be the center of cosmos. Let’s assume that gods would be interested in about the mortals living in Meln. By basing on these pure assumptions let’s think gods around mortals so that couterforces are always on the opposite sides of mortals. The gods have their own goals and meanings concerning mortals, but it would be impossible to guess those meanings and goals. Anyway, the gods have more or less manipulated mortals through the ages. In this circle of gods around Meln Achali and Volaris circulate and look out the meaning for all living beings. By the Achali’s knowledge and control of time Volaris marks out different possibilities for mortals to find their meaning. The life and death are their ways to maintain the meaning and continuity of everything.

Realm – Temposium

Below are Thrimgir the Wanderer’s point of view and experiences about the Temposium:

“Eternal realm of time is Temposium. This is one plane of existence that more or less combines all other planes of existence. Achali itself lives – if gods even actually live anywhere – in the heart of Temposium, where it would be impossible for a mortal to find a way. Temposium has no light, no shadows. There isn’t future, present or past. There is only a moment stopped eternities ago. Temposium has neither directions nor distances.

All that is seen are delusions created by mortals by which the mind of mortal tries to explain what it is experiencing. Temposium really don’t have light or shadows. What intual believes to be seeing there is projected straightly into consciousness as a thought waves and it has nothing to do with the eyes. In the sense of that the eyes are somewhat “frustrated” that they still pretend views to come through the eyes. Really the views come from an intuitive base and by the possible memory images and associations. Intual could see his friend as it looked like in prime material plan for example. That isn’t a visual perception, but a memory image. At first unknown people are only distant and unclear figures in Temposium. As the unknown intual is got to known better the features are getting clearer. If the intual in question is nice, mind fetches features of nice people from the memory and combines them to that intual and on the contrary. The one who has been blind since birth would see the most truthfully in Temposium. He would see people by their characters. If the human “seen” by a blind is nice, he experiences a pleasing view of that human.

Basically it can’t be seen. But I’ll describe my own view of Temposium a little. There aren’t especially any landscapes. Despite this it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Lightlessness and infinity continue to every direction for a distance of one eternity. It feels like the Temposium would be an enormous ball and I would always be in the center of it. One really feels to be a “nave of the world” and meaningful. That probably is the reason for excellent self-esteem, egoism and self-sufficiency of “wanderers” and time travelers.

Millions and millions threads of life slice through the emptiness. Usually those threads are called as silver-strings. It is just these silver-strings that form the flow of time. Their striving to move forward forms the passing of time. Every realm has its own direction and some realms could have several directions. Every being has its own time, even though they move together same pace with the realms. Every silver-string is unique. There aren’t any same colored or same sized threads of life. The color and size is determined by the creature’s nature, will, self-esteem, will to live and life force. Every living being has a silver-string. Even a moment ago dead have a silver-string, but it weakens all the time and finally disappears. That means that someone moves “from time to eternity.” Just the opposite is said of the nascent silver-string. Then it moves “from eternity to time.” Young lives have a weak thread of life, but it gets stronger towards the future. The more the young creature affects to its surroundings, the more remarkable it becomes and the thicker its life thread grows.

Plants have the weakest life thread and the fiery bird the strongest. Silver-strings of small plants can’t even be sensed in Temposium. The silver-string of dragons and other “magic souls” is much more edged and heated than the string of those whose souls base on psyche - or in other words psi. Psi-silver-strings are fluent-lined and soft-motioned.

Enormous Temposium

Enormous, in so many ways enormous. It is enormous in its greatness and enormity. Intuals don’t need muscles while moving in the Temposium. There can be moved by the willpower. On the other hand moving legs in emptiness or conventional walking could help inexperienced will to move the body in Temposium. There upwards and downwards always completely depends on a person. The direction where the head is, is a personal upwards. In Temposium a traveler could encounter upside down passerby or a traveler coming from above. Often a common comprehension about top and bottom takes shape when travelers move closer to each other. This way both of them subconsciously begin shaping common top and bottom directions. That is quite misleading. Normally moving in Temposium is following someone’s silver-string and if the traveler is not sharp-eyed, he could begin following a wrong silver-string because of common reversal.”

- In this time Thrimgir -

The spirits of time

Eternal people of Achali are the spirits of time. These spirits are also called as the blue ghosts. They are everywhere, but they are also difficult to see. Only their work can be seen. The spirits of time are believed to be living in different ages and different sides of the flow of time. Their main tasks however is to prepare the future, repair mistakes of the past and take care of the continuity of Temposium and time of the world. The spirits of time repair possible distortions of time caused by time-vortexes and intuals. If an archaist manipulating time causes a paradox, or in other words crosses the lines between possible and impossible, coincidence and probability, the spirits of time repair the situation as quickly as possible, imperceptibly and logically. When a mortal momentarily thinks to be seen, living or experiencing some situation before, it probably is a side effect caused by the spirits of time while repairing the history. In that kind of situations the reality had to be altered some.

“Happening in the past hasn’t necessarily happened,
if nobody knows it to have happened.”

- The spirit of time -

“Shall the tree falling off in the forest make noise if nobody is listening?” – This is a classical question, which can’t be proved. In Temposium that matter has a little different point of view. The question above is a crucial factor between small and great paradoxes: The matter hasn’t necessarily have happened if nobody knows it had happened. The bigger the paradox is the more people know it to have happened. In other words in Temposium “the tree” won’t necessarily make noise if nobody is listening it and it completely depends on does the noise have any harmful effect.

The border between small and great paradox is very inestimable. The paradox could be small even if one world would be destroyed. That would require that the destruction of the world would affect to a very small group of intuals. In other words, if the paradox causes destruction of one world where lives only one intual and numerous amounts of plants and animals, the paradox was small. This claim assumes that other intuals won’t be in any contact with the destroyed world. Others shouldn’t even know that world to have existed. The more intuals know about the world the more difficult it is for the spirits of time to repair it.

The spirits of time can’t create new things from emptiness or remove existing matters. They can only conceal and lose information. They can even lose a person, who knows some information classified to be concealed. They can’t destroy anything to non-existence, but they can move things from time to eternity. This however doesn’t mean that they could kill anybody and anywhere. They only do what is necessary.

The spirits of time are probably the most logical creatures of cosmos. They completely lack imagination, creativity, innovation and impulsiveness. For that reason it is impossible to discuss or change thoughts with them. They only have a vision; the point of view from the past, present and future and knowledge about everything that has happened and will happen. By basing on that information they maintain the perfectly logical continuity of time. Every matter has its causes, which lead to consequences and the consequences to new causes.

Paradoxical example story

Comprehending the causal connection continuity is very difficult for intuals and for that reason even negligible seeming paradox can grow to be catastrophically big. The easiest way to enlighten the laws of the connection continuity is to tell it in form of a little story and after that discuss about the phases of the story:

The day is 29th of the starturn of Shark in year 212 in the beginning of this story. Some Brudor named Saagi-man learned that his beloved one, Marith, had died some time ago in Sholen of Barond. A maval countess Niressan was behind the death of Marith. Brudor went so far in his love and hatred that he asked Thrimgir the Wanderer to take him and two of his Jonai friends few days back in time. For unmentionable reasons Thrimgir granted a request, which of course seems to be a severe ethic mistake of thought of Thrimgir’s certitude as a historian.

In the Temposium they followed Brudor’s silver-string to the past in to that point when Marith and Brudor had last time seen. There they moved back towards the future following the silver-string of Marith. They followed Marith’s life to a moment when her silver-string hadn’t completely faded away. To prevent paradoxes it is safer to move to someone familiar and always keep as low profile as it is possible. There had been many other silver-strings around Marith’s silver-string. Therefore Brudor and his friends were moved to Marith only a little time before her death. This being Thrimgir moved Brudor and his friends from Temposium to past. It was 20th day in the starturn of Shark in Marith’s personal flow of time that was running short.

Marith was imprisoned in a cage hanging on a ceiling in the countess’ basement. There was total of seven “bird-cages” hanging on the ceiling. The cages were very concise and had spikes pointing inwards. Along a thin thread a blood of those young women leaked into a sarcophagus located in the middle of the room. Brudor and his friends saved Marith, but they didn’t dare to leave other women suffering a painful death. All the women were in very bad condition, so helping them wasn’t easy. Despite of that they freed all six living woman.

Brudor’s beloved was lying barely alive in the midmost cage. The closest cage had very beautiful and in very bad condition a Fientlar-woman Niialin. Next to her was as well a weak Maval-woman Almenilla who encouraged other women by talking. Third cage had the youngest of girls. She was about fourteen years old Haran, AnnNalun. Fourth cage had a Jonai-woman Lenara, who was trying to pick the lock with a hairpin. The second farthest cage had a small Miral-woman Nanis at a death’s door. The farthest cage had a gorgeous and mentally strong Miral-woman. Her name was Eynalia. Masura, Brudor’s further friend was already helping the women out of their cages, when Brudor and his closer friend had an appearance.

Professedly Brudor and his friend faced the Volaris’ avatar itself, which had come to prevent freeing of the women. At appearance Volaris had stated that six of the seven imprisoned women belonged to him. Names of those women had already been written into the Book of destiny. Another Brudor’s friend made and agreement with Volaris: They could take one woman with her name in the book with them. That woman could be anyone. Presumably Volaris meant the woman could be anyone getting out of the countess’ manor alive. Brudor and her friends concentrated on helping Marith out of the manor. Brudor’s friend agreed accomplishing a return service when needed. The appearance ended there. Any of the women or Brudor’s another friend hadn’t seen Volaris or experienced anything unusual in that space or moment.

Was that a delusion or an appearance? Anyway Brudor awaken not until Masura came to telling that one of the Miral women had died. The woman died in a loss of blood and she was Nanis. After the prisoners were freed the guards arrived into the basement. A fight took a place. During the fight the young AnnNalun died into a miss firing of a crossbow. Others of this desperate group survived continuing their escape. A new fight took place in the living floor of the countess’ manor when four skilled soldiers noticed the escaping party. One of them left making an alarm and the Jonai-woman left after him limping in shadows. So Lenara disappeared into those gloomy corridors. This fight was nearly fatal to Brudor’s party, but the gorgeous Miral-woman got an outburst of rage and rushed at the soldiers. Eynalia’s ragged robe got stuck on basement’s door handle and she literally ran out of her clothes. The soldiers got confused for a moment and Brudor with his friends got the upper hand. Eynalia got killed in that conflict. When Eynalia’s robe got stuck and raged woman started to run, the basement door was thrown closed and locked. Beautiful Fientlar Niialin was left behind the door crying for help. Gnashing his teeth and desperate expression on his face Brudor watched first his dozy beloved one. After that he looked at his friends and then weak Almenilla, who was trying to force the basement door open. He gave a last glance to a basement door he could have forced open. Beautiful Niialin was never freed from the basement. With the rest of his group Brudor found a way in to a luxurious bedroom having a window to a manor’s garden. Brudor began blocking the door with a big oaken cabin. Terrified Almenilla moved to the window and dropped in to the garden. She left dragging towards manor gates. Brudor and his friends had nearly managed to block the door when they heard Almenilla’s bloodcurdling screaming and furious blustering of drooling dogs. Brudor and the Jonais ran to window and managed to see how the manor’s bloodhounds attacked poor Almenilla. Even the rough soldiers of the manor couldn’t watch without frowning that mesh. Only one tall man unfeelingly stared the bloodshed. He apparently wasn’t manor guard, because he hadn’t armor. He was wearing dark-red and black clothes. His bald head had strange looking tattoos. People in Sholen village spoke about the strange adviser of the countess.

Same time when the dogs were tearing Almenilla in the middle of the garden, soldiers pounded on the half-blocked door of the room. The door could have given in at any moment and Brudor and his friends would have lost their possibility to escape. Brudor took Marith from a bed on his shoulder. Then he silently gestured his friends to follow him. Brudor dropped to the garden from the window just besides the wall and went around the corner as imperceptibly as he could. They ran to backyard of the manor where apple trees were growing rampant. Brudor’s friend noticed one apple tree growing close to a stone fence. He beckoned others to climb over the fence with the help of that.

Finally after troublesome climbing and moving of Marith, who had passed out, Brudor and his friends managed to get on the edge of nearby forest. They were all exhausted and wounded. They sat there waiting for Thrimgir to arrive. They hadn’t waited for a long time when they hear snaps from the thick shadows. Lenara, one of the imprisoned women dragged to them and told them to move on. She explained that their blood spots were very easy to follow even by some in as bad condition as Lenara was. After disputing for a moment the party decided to move on. They shuffled all around the forest for a long time before they dared to go into the village. Finally they had to, because the night was getting colder and wounds required treatment. In the darkness they groped herbs and leaves for bandaging materials, bandaged biggest wounds and disguised to a carpet merchants from Sagistan. After that they managed to get a room from a local inn without many questions from the inn-keeper. Early in the morning Thrimgir picked them up and they got resting into the Thrimgir’s artificial dimension in Temposium.

Causes, consequences, time-continuity and meanings

This was only a story and a story among others. Let’s cut the story into pieces so that we can figure out the continuity of time and consequences to events. Why Thrimgir as a historian agreed to take a risk of a paradox only for Brudor’s personal advantages and personal goals? Before we solve that question let’s ask two more questions. Who was Brudor’s “closer” friend? Why the story didn’t mention his name? Sherack was the calling name of Brudor’s friend. The name was never mentioned because the story didn’t want to confuse him to Sherack - the deity of Revenge and Strong will. Even though Masura is a leading character of the growing Sherack-cult, it is not good to assume him strolling around with his god and saving his friends’ girlfriends. Probably all that was only a coincidence or it has some more sensible explanation. The appellation “Sherack” could accede to some rituals of this cult or be some of its titles.

And now back to the original question. Why Thrimgir took Brudor, Sherack and Masura to the past to save only a one person? There could be some religious or divine factors, because Masura and this “Sherack” went along. Probably this however was only a little case in larger entirety. Perhaps the entirety comprises of a much larger spool of matters and happenings. In any case Thrimgir behaved negligently or his intention was to behave like that. Transferring outsider intuals in time is always very risky, because the outsiders won’t necessarily understand the consequences of their actions in already happened happenings. In this example the blue ghosts probably fixed the happenings back to their own course so that the guards were not lethally wounded or they could be healed. It may also be possible that they really died if Achali and Volaris saw them to be purposeless in that time and space. Fate of the imprisoned women was clear in every case. Of the seven imprisoned women six should have to be moved from time to eternity in any case. Marith became the exception, who got a new meaning and that way a new opportunity to continue in that time and space.

Next question: Why Thrimgir himself didn’t move in to the past helping Brudor, Sherack and Masura? He like many other travelers avoids going in to the past needlessly. The travelers have learned to look out the past. A normal intual usually is afraid of the future, but all travelers are more afraid of the past. For the travelers happenings of the past are much more dangerous than those happening in the future, because the blue ghosts always strive to repair matters by any means available. Easiest way to repair the paradox is to move the reason of the paradox from time to eternity.

Why Thrimgir didn’t attend immediately when Brudor, Masura and Sherack had managed to get into the forest? Yet he saw from the Temposium that they were alone in the forest and had a possibility to move into any moment he wanted to? That was because from the Temposium Thrimgir saw the group was traced. The traveler needs plenty of time when moving people to Temposium. The more there are people to be moved, the more time is required. When concentrating on transporting between Temposium and some other plane, the traveler falls into a deep trance and is very easy target to hostile creatures.

Causes and consequences

What Thrimgir was doing when Brudor, Masura and Sherack were freeing prisoners? Now we are about to clarify the cost of Brudor’s personal achievement. Thrimgir could possibly have done anything. Probably he still left to the most probable futures inspecting the consequences what manipulating the past always causes.

Thrimgir solved background of the situation. Countess Niressa was already an old woman and her healer had supposed she would live only couple of years anymore. The count Niressa and his son Dramier Niressa had been assassinated couple of years ago. So she hadn’t any heirs. She knew that her 17 years old niece Jamiella Hanckres and 12 years old nephew Ardol Hanckres would claim her. The countess didn’t like power-hungry Jamiella and she would have loved to bequeath her property and title to a good-hearted Ardol. Remote Sholen area still had an earth-cult in power. Even though the area belonged to Barond empire people in that village still secretly worshipped An’Gaia. The countess herself had belonged to Earth-Cults since her childhood. She had told the Sholen’s secret also for Ardol and he respected that.

The countess’ intention was to carry out “the ritual of young blood.” The countess should have diffused the blood into the sarcophagus and bath there. The man dressed in red and black was apparently a necromancer, who was supposed to perform the ritual. The countess had bought young women from a slave trader for the youth-ritual. Only moment when the ritual’s last phase could be carried out was 33rd of the starturn of Shark in year 212. It was the night of three moons. Then all the three moons were on highest and borders of the world were on their weakest. Then the borders of living and dead worlds were possible to be crossed without dying. Because the blood of women was poured on ground the countess wouldn’t be able to perform the ritual.


In the most probable future Thrimgir saw the countess dying. Before her death the countess had bequeath her property and title to Ardol, but Jamiella would be a deputy countess. Jamiella loved her position of power and she established good relations to emperor of Barond and church of the Black sun. By a common belief Ardol was only fourteen years old when some wandering forest creature harassed him dead. Because of that unfortunate accident Jamiella’s position of power stabilized. There begun also the reforming of Sholen area. Jamiella called priests of the Black sun into the village. They began searching witches and mystics. Many people got killed on a burning pile and priests of the Earth-Cult were the first ones to be burned. There were revolts and therefore templar knights of the Black sun were called to the village. When Thrimgir had to leave that most possible future, people just began founding a garrison to the Sholen area.

Epilogue of the story

There are plenty of matters that seem to be very meaningless in the past. It however must be remembered that in the world nothing is meaningless. Even a small stone has been given an opportunity to choose even though its options are quite minor: hold together or crumble. Achali’s and Volaris’ task is to move significant matters to another place and give them a meaning. This is the way how they act when maintaining the continuity of existence. The blue ghosts are making their task and by the name of logicality try to affect as little as possible. All of this is the world. It won’t be limited only to Temposium. Looking more closely: Temposium is the least of the planes of time.


All priests are classified to be priests or consecrated ones. Clergy of Achali has also own priest-classes: The Ageless ones and the Masters of time belong to high-priests. Consecrated ones are divided into Masters of past present and future. At this stage we should get loose of the thought that all priests use channeling magic. Real priesthood after all always comes from the devotion and faith towards some god.

Masters of the past are wizards if viewed by the old and conventional definitions of magic. They use the essence or wizard magic in their spells. In genuineness, holiness or priesthood they however are equal with the other priests in the eyes of Achali. Their devotion could be stronger, weaker or equal than that of other priests. In congregations and temples they perform matters distinctive to the wizard magic. Essence magic greatly bases on excellent memory and great abilities to adopt knowledge. During times congregations of Achali have noticed that their “wizards” were those who remembered the events of history best. That’s why people began calling them as Masters of the past.

Masters of the present are mentalists. Mentalists are often conceived to be atheists and egocentric intuals. But mentalist could also have as strong faith as any other intual. Priests of Achali that have specialized to mentalism, performs tasks having to do with psi. Masters of the present mostly have dealings with the parishioners. Of all priests they understand the parishioners best and are easiest to understand. They can best way explain for a child why its mother died. Mentalists use meditation to practice their minds and of all priests they know themselves best. Masters of the present have got their name because their attention and consciousness is mostly “in this moment.”

Masters of the future are channeling spellcasters like typical priests. Of all priests they are the most “in other worlds.” Together with the masters of past and present they form one of the most working class of priests. The god, human and knowledge joins together as a one entity in their cooperation. Because of this system the temples of Achali are said to be the closest to their congregations. Control of the channeling magic has always based on the intuitive knowledge of intuals. Seeing the indications of the future has also purely knowledge basing on intuition. That’s why these consecrated ones are called as the Masters of the future.

Masters of time have got accustomed with the channeling and essence magic or channeling and psi. The masters of time have also those particular talents who have assumed both ways of magic and the psi. The masters of time are usually leaders of the temples. They are not dealing with the parishioners as much as the consecrated ones, but either are as cryptic as the Ageless ones. Their task is to maintain the temples and perform some certain traditional services like ceremonies of grand festivals. The masters of time work as announcers and executives between the Ageless ones and the other congregation.

The Ageless ones are the strangest members of the priest class. They come like out of nowhere, tell their matters, make sure they were understood and leave. The Ageless ones are extremely rare among clergy. They are those multi talented persons who are able control both ways of magic and also the psychic powers. So, all timeless ones are archaists, who have specialized on time traveling. They are travelers worshipping Achali. Their enigmaticity is not intentional, but that is a side effect of their profession. When traveling much in Temposium and being often on contact with Achali, their mentality has preferably changed. Probably every new Ageless one decides in his mind that he won’t fall into Ageless’ typical way of speaking. Still inconspicuously he gradually begins thinking in a very complex way like all Ageless ones do. That enigmatic speaking is understandable because they move in three separate times performing tasks of Achali: In past, present and future. In addition to that they have also their personal time, which conceives forward from tomorrow, today and backwards from yesterday. Personal yesterday of the Ageless one could be situated in the future of others. The Ageless ones have also sworn by the name of Achali that they won’t tell matters that won’t belong into to their current age. To be clear and understandable their sentences are short and literal. The problematic comes from that because of their oath they don’t explain reasons for their commands. Oldest Masters of time can only sigh and execute the command.

“Were today yesterday or did it already go.”
- Young unknown Ageless one –

Cult ceremonies

The cult ceremonies of Achali comprise of common and personal rituals. Common rituals are official weekly services in temples of Achali. These services are called as “Words of time.” In the words of time illiterate people are told about events of the past, justify present conditions about those and tell the predictions about the future. The words of time also teach people to quiet down and examine themselves and their affection in the present. In temples they are enlightened about how important their share for the society is as tailors, farmers, mothers and other pieces of society. In town temples announcing of common matters and news usually belongs also to job description of the temples of Achali.

The personal rituals can be performed alone or with the priest of Achali. These rites consist of relieving the anguish of the parishioner, where the Master of present usually finds a solution. The consecrated ones also teach the parishioners to meditate by themselves and first accept themselves and not until then everything else. The consecrated ones teach that everything has its meaning. The consecrated ones can also show a parishioner a way to find his/her own meaning, but they can’t find the meaning in lieu of them.

Special comprehensions of people

Comprehensions about Achali mostly follow same lines. He is always somehow conceived to be bonded with Volaris. For the elves Achali is the bringer of future and maintainer of the continuity, hope of tomorrow. Volaris is them the worst enemy of Achali. The gold elves believe Achali is one of the Volaris’ saints. Among humans Achali is often conceived to be the good brother the time and Volaris is his equilibrium.

Many people of Meln also think Achali to be the guardian of balance and goodness. The comprehension of dwarves is that Achali is the “big brother” like an eye staring from the sky trying to dominate life of mortals too much. They think Achali always and immediately interferes to matters if they don’t go by his plans. Paladries and molthars for instance have a comprehension that Achali is only observing mortals and writes down makings of them for other gods. By their beliefs this observer doesn’t have right to stick to any earthly matters.

Divine artifact

At this stage we can speak about concept “history book.” The History book is a common crystallization of memory and knowledge of all intuals. The spirit of time has written there all maters and things that some intuals or creatures have known. All happenings of the world are written there with the ink that fades more the longer time passes. Some writings are thicker and some thinner. The thicker writings preserve longer than the thinner ones. If one event is known only by one person the event is written only once. If another event is known by a thousand creatures, it is written once and strengthened 999 times. That event preserves much longer than that written only once.

When writings definitively fade from that book they drift with the Black river to the sea of Oblivion. In the Oblivion the spirits of time working accountable to ThoDemus fish the disappeared information and take them to “The library of eternities”, where they preserve to the end of the world.

Holy symbol and Holy Scriptures – The books of time

The holy symbol of Achali is an eye having a star in the middle of it. It reflects seeing of everything and it is stylized in accordance with the constellation of the Guardian. The legendary holy book of Achali is the “History book.” Teachings, philosophies and wisdoms have been drawn on that. Actual holy scriptures of the priests are the “Books of time.” They have been written by the knowledge of priests and are only wisdoms written by intuals.

Written by : NorAdron
Translated by : MoR

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