orAdron leads you to a hemispherical room dominated by a holy silence. A round hole in ceiling casts a bluish light in to the room and the light plays on a surface of a sculptures of a beautiful faces. “Images of gods have been inscribed here” the man says when you look at the sculptures. “Those empty spots on the wall are places of the dead gods… and perhaps those to be born… in a future.” The man continues and starts thoughtfully filling his pipe. “The empty spots are only proves of gods sunken to a non-existence. Even time has forgotten them.” NorAdron puffs his pipe and a bit juniper smelling smoke fills the air. The smoke cloud darkens until it is as dark as a night sky. Soon stars, galaxies and entire cosmos can be seen in the cloud. Indefinite face with a brightest stars as an eyes form in the middle of the cloud. “Practically it can be said that everything started when the Nameless one awakened.”


Few words about the sub-headers: General description is only a comprehension of a mortals about the god in question. And in this case mainly in humans point of view. For every worshipper the god is different and dissimilar. Descriptions are only most common image or belief about the god in question.

Click to enlarge. Opens in a new window “The Priests” sub-header is only one that has some concrete worldwide normality. The priesthood is a human made concept about the strength of faith. For the gods all worshippers are some kind of priests. There is as many different worshipping methods as there is congregations and worshippers.

Because all symbols of the gods are holy symbols for their bearers I only use term “holy symbol” and won’t start thinking differences of holiness and unholiness. With a term “holy scripture” I to a same extend refer to a those texts that are believed to be knowledge of a god given to a worshippers.

Insane Kigastos described beginning of everything in his story: The born of cosmos

The Great Unknown - Nameless - Embodiment of existence

General description The Great unknown is an indefinite power in the borders of mortal being’s consciousness. There isn’t any concrete knowledge about the Great unknown and even holy scriptures of gods only vaguenessly mention it. The Great unknown possibly is only that part of existence that gods know. The “Black book” of Sagoin refers to a some power, which in that book is called as The Hand of existence. To same extend Garneird’s “Celestial book” mentions word father, which later is also called as embodiment of existence. The Stone tables of An’Gaia as well as holy scriptures of other gods speak only about “The higher power” or “Nameless.”

The Nameless hasn’t provably participated in any way to the creation of world. On the other hand some historical texts like “Omens of Qunaidus”, “Curse of the Dragons” and “The Book of Demons” refer to that the Nameless would have brought forth the old gods. The problem is that every book describes the deeds and essence of the Nameless in a different way. Some writings tell that The Nameless would have provoked to deceit and injustice and others describe The Nameless as an example of pureness and goodness. Due to this vagueness it is impossible to say is The Nameless only one or many. Ancient texts are evident that The Nameless one would have been in several places simultaneously and that would prove there to be many Nameless ones. To same extend gods refer in their writings to some one certain power and that would prove there would be only one Nameless. Some history books insists that it was The Nameless who cursed matter for a basis to all that exist, but any holy scriptures won’t support or deny these claims.

No matter how the things really are, one thing is sure. The Nameless one hasn’t provably never responded in any questions, prayers or curses of possible worshippers. The Nameless don’t even have any commonly recognized holy symbol or holy message to mankind.

The Gods