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aster of Runes awakens from his thoughts when you mention word "magic". He stops his story and glances deep in your eyes. Everything quiets down for a moment. "Magic", he says thoughtfully and you can swear his eyes has changed color.

"So you really are interested about magic? Well in that case you have come into the right place, for here you will find everything you ever have to know about magic." For a first time while in here, you notice a slight smile on man's face. Obviously your question hit the most pleasant subject for him.

"Meln has only one kind of magic, but three kind of basic powers: wizard magic, divine magic and psychic powers."

"Can I specify a little?, says NorAdron who comes in behind you and walks besides the Master of Runes' table. "Yes indeed, Meln has only one kind of magic and it appears in three different forms: Primitive arcana, static essence, which is also called as wizard magic and divine channeling, which is also called as priestly magic. Other power in Meln is Psi. It is often misunderstood to be magic too, because they are counter powers with each other.

"Magic is a tool of mind as flesh is a tool of body."
- Kar'Aster, the first mystic -

Magic in Meln

Magic is not supernatural power, because if something could be natural and part of nature, then it is magic. Magic can not be seen only its consequences can be. Magic is a change and change is in everything. Cold stone has it much less than warm flesh, but from where the magic comes, there also stone is molten magma.

Matter represents magic as spirit represents psi. Dragon is a pure embodiment of magic. Its body is meat but soul is purest magic.

Universal and pure form of magic is neither good nor evil, but it is above all these concepts. It is only entirety called magic.

"The magic is neither mystic, nor good nor evil,
but users of magic are all of these."

- Kar'Aster, the first mystic -

Psi in Meln

Psi is another nearly all covering power in Meln. It doesn’t exist in matter or air like magic. Psi is focused on all living beings, creatures lived in past times and even in plants. If a worldwide map would be drawn indicating locating the existence of psi, it would show that psi exists where life and death exists. Psi is focused on largest intual cities. On this map psi could be seen like a net, because one mental individual is always in connection with several others. This entire net is called as psi.

Psi, however is not same as life, it only exists besides life and sometimes also in death. Ghosts are pure psi power. Ghosts are living creatures, from whom death was only able to take the physical body. Their will was too powerful for “resting.”

The strongest embodiment of psi is phoenix. Like body of ghosts also body of the phoenix is pure psi energy.

"On the other hand, psionicists developed so powerful tool
that they were able to wholly forget the material."

- Morgadur, Master of archaic magic -

Written by : NorAdron
Translated by : MoR

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