World of Meln is colorfully and highly detailed home made fantasy world. Meln can be used as a background world in any fantasy pen and paper role playing system. Please note that Meln is not an online game, so you can't register and start playing. World is growing all the time and new descriptions and miscellaneous information is developed all the time and new material will be added at least once per month. New material is added usually when moon is full. World of Meln doesn't cost anything and it can freely be used for personal purposes. Publishing or spreading otherwise without our permission is denied.

This site holds massive amounts of information, which is divided in various sections. Following are some more detailed information about what different sections have.


Naturally maps section has all maps from terrain maps to city maps and even floor plans of individual buildings. All our maps are hand drawn and as detailed as possible. Many maps has hotspots, which clicking you can zoom the map for more detailed version.

In addition to maps, maps section also has descriptions and information about nations, cities and villages. Section also contains a gallery of rendered landscape images from all around Meln.

Places of Note

From this section you can find descriptions of notable places. All notable places that need more description than just name will eventually be described here. And there is plenty of this kind of places in Meln. New places are added now and then as I get their descriptions written.


Cultures section has all information about all main-races, i.e. humans, elves, dwarves, paladri, halflings and giants. All main-races have many variations, which are also described. Section has also descriptions about unique monsters typical to Meln. All race and monster descriptions are written without numerical stats, because these differ much depending on the game system used. Possibly in the future we might add stats for certain systems, which then can be used as guidelines when converting creatures to other systems.

All races are tried to describe as detailed as possible. We have described their history, origin and part in Meln and history of Meln.


What is world without colorful and rich history? Yes, nothing. So this section describes different time periods in Meln's history, their happenings and effects to world. In future this section will be completed with stories from different time periods.


Religions section contains born of universe and descriptions of divine powers and phenomena. Section also have descriptions of different gods and their symbols.


Calendar has all information about calendar system. How it works, information about different star-turns and some special days. Section also information about orbs, like moons and sun. Also cycles and positions of moons is described.


This quite wide section has all information about magic. From its born and behavior in different areas to different wizard and priest types and witches. This section has also information about psi-powers.


This section holds all information about monetary system of Meln. Section also has massive equipment database, where you can see prices of goods in particularly selected race.


This section will hold all other information and material that don't fit in any particular section. From this section you can for example find miscellaneous utilities like Random Encounter Generator.


Our forum is a place where you can affect to our work. You can ask anything you want to know about our world. Post own suggestion or just discuss with other visitors. You can also write little stories or start playing.

I hope you enjoy your visit as much as I have enjoyed making this world.

Sincerely: Master of Runes