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ow this conversation is getting interesting. Meln really has a long and colorful history. I think there would be enough telling for a weeks, so it is better that you take another cup of tea and nicer position on your chair.

A dark-blue robed man rubs his chin for a moment, obviously thinking where to start his story. "Well, maybe it's better start from the beginning of everything. History of Meln has been divided into different time periods. Every time period had it's own special events and cataclysms.

Time periods of Meln

The age of timelessness

Naming of cosmos and the birth of gods.

The age of birth

Creation of the world.

The age of spirits

Time when cosmos has no laws. At the command of the Great one, the gods started thinking and that way creating more life. Different creatures were born from the thoughts of the gods. Some of them were minor and some were greater. Creatures, which are born from spirits and power, lived together in reasonable peace and harmony. Each of them had it's own time and place.

There was no solid borders and places. In the age of spirits, creatures lived in peace and they got everything they wanted. At those times creatures started to assemble to different gods, listening and learning from them.

Sagoin had forget the secret of creation and was jealous of Garneird, because Garneird knew the secret of creation. Sagoin provoked his own students to go to the Garneird's place and steal the secret of creation from her. The spirits succeeded stealing the secret, but they were caught right after their crime, and they felt the wrath of Garneird and had to escape from the nation of this first-born god.

The age of commitments

Envy, cruelty, indifference and greed had been born and because they were created they also had their place in the cosmos. These powers ate their counter-powers kindness, mildness, mediation and generosity and strengthened further. This was very dangerous since "the powers of light" were not able to grow with the same speed and in the same proportion as "the powers of darkness".

Only the Great one saw this danger, since the most frightening feature was the infatuation. Nations infatuated and more they infatuated, more they accused each other. Gods infatuated to the knowledge that they had created this world and so, were blind for all its plagues. First the Great one blew open Sagoin's eyes and urged him to woke up other gods from the embrace of the "darkness".

Sagoin opened his eyes and went to Achali. Achali had entrenched with its own people into the world of Volaris and was just destroying his property. Sagoin noticed how great weapon he had in his hands and comprehended that he could put others work for him and just watch his own aims come true. Sagoin visited every god and with help of only few innocent hints he got his threats broken and with a little persuasion he got many trustworthy allies.

Reality was in hands of non-existence and ate itself with a growing speed. This first argument was already so big that it was close to eat its whole existence soon. One solution for this destructive arguing would have been to remove the whole existence, but then the non-existence would get one victory again. Besides, the Great one was already pleased for this and wanted to limit progressing of non-existence. The Great one cursed laws for everything and after that it bound spirits and the whole world to matter.

Divine meeting

The age of flesh

This was the age when fear stroke into all living. Every individual had to open their eyes, because the materializing was most agonizing happened for them. Every one crawled away due to the pain, agony and fear. People gathered together and they were afraid and ashamed without knowing what they were fearing and shaming. Now at last gods saw their own mistakes. Many of them had forgotten the secret of creation, because it was not necessary in the darkness. Sagoin had cheated the Volaris's knowledge for himself, but darkness had distorted the secret for a power to distort all beauty. Everything Sagoin looked at changed distorted.

All the creatures in the same place, changed to resemble each other. As did all large amounts of matter existing in the same place.

This was the age when first creatures died and creatures felt grief. Volaris, who no longer had own people pitied the dead and adopted them. Theala, who had wiped out her own people, alighted to foster all dead with Volaris.

At this time people had to survive on their own. All the gods were engrossed in acquainting the new laws the Great one had cursed. The people learned what is hunger, hunting and escaping. The most powerful ruled the weaker. On the top of evolution were dragons that had no other enemies than other dragons, but that meant only the more fatal and cruel fights.

The age of flesh wars

Dragons didn't be contended with just fighting with each other, but found out how to use food as a weapon. They gathered massive armies from slave races, in other words from all other races except titans. They even had slave farms, where they refined slaves to different tasks. Dragons established first towns (And also destroyed first towns).

Titans were far too powerful for dragons, because they fight in groups and dragons were too paranoiac to ally and trust each other. So the titans had time to develop in peace. On the other hand the development of dragons was much faster, because more powerful dragons destroyed the weakest.

The age of chaos (in the elven history: The age of fear)

Disorder, evilness and killing grew to unbearable dimensions in the aspect of slave races. Dragons, the embodiments of cruelty and evilness, bloomed and their great cities lived their golden age. All gods had withdrawn to their own privacy and didn't pay attention to their worlds.

Because of it's magnificence, this age was unique in the history of Meln. Magic, chaos and fear were so thick that even new divinity was able to personify on earth. From all of this chaos and evilness born Gxotar, who is also known as a Lord of the black sun. At first weak evil races, like dark elves from underground and harpies from the mountains, turn to Gxotar. Later also orcs, goblins, giants and some humans had to turn to the darkness of Gxotar. Elves, dwarves, paladri and most humans feared and shuddered at this divinity. All who feared were free game for the dragons and Gxotar's people. They were called a "godless people" and they lived centuries in slavery and fear of sacrifices. In the beginning they had energy to pray for their gods, but their prayers were not answered and they lost their belief and dropped to conditions based on brutal barbarism and instincts.

Dragons continued their chaotic domination believing only their own immortality. They underestimated the power of Gxotar, because they imagined that they were the ones who created him. Fact was that Gxotar born from the fear of slave races, though the dragons caused the fear. Gxotar grew in power more and more every moment. Sagoin and other gods of evilness, lies and deceit woke from their thoughts and noticed the condition of their people. They became worried about the condition of the world since Gxotar grew in power and he threatened even their dark existence. They were forced to make the most difficult decision in their whole existence. They woke all gods of the old pantheons and arranged a first divine meeting since the beginning of time. Again all gods assembled onto the mountain of worlds and in this meeting they decided more detailed rules and laws for the world. They made own rules for gods and own for mortals. Even Gxotar, the lord of chaos, had to accept these rules. In ninety-nine days the Old Ones defined laws and punishments for mortals and immortals.

The age of law

The new laws came to effect and those were followed literally. Gradually punishments changed stricter and stricter and finally the only punishment even for the smallest crime was death. Gods haven't meant this. The world was still as deadly place than earlier. For the first time in history of Meln, people started to count time.

Dragons didn't believe to the return of the gods although Loi'Iatha herself informed them of her return. Dragons were blinded by their own power and turned their backs to their former goddess. Only the oldest and wisest dragon, Draunthroan, comprehended his own mortality and apologized for the acts of all other dragons to Loi'Iatha. Loi'Iatha asked him to gather all the faithful dragons together and fight against all the unfaithful. Unfortunately nobody came to his side. Loi'Iatha got angry and ordered Draunthroan to sacrifice itself on the altar of souls in the holiest of Loi'Iatha's temples. Draunthroan was faithful and sacrificed itself. After that, the temple sunk in to the earth and Loi'Iatha's wrath trembled grounds all over Meln. All the unfaithful knew that Draunthroan perished by his faith. Dragons grow in power by eating heart of another dragon and for this reason many of them went to search the body of Draunthroan hoping to find his heart and the enormous might. None of them came back. Now and then ground trembled with the Loi'Iatha's wrath and numbers of dragons decreased very low. Those dragons who didn't want to search for Draunthroans body were killed by "punishers."

Punishers were an order of war-wizards and war-priests gathered from the free people, like elves, dwarves, humans, paladri, orcs and goblins. They had developed effective fighting techniques and powerful spells against the dragons. They punished law violating dragons (all dragons) for their crimes and they did it in the name of gods. In year 2008 of the age of the law, the last known dragon was killed. When all dragons were dead, punishers continued their mission by hunting other criminals from other races. Gradually they started to judge death even from the slightest crimes and finally they were feared as much as dragons at their time. Punishers were invincible.

Punishers started slowly forgetting the principles and fortitudes of their order, because they were offered well-paid jobs as leaders of the other armies. Because they were experienced organizers and effective fighters, they were perfect leaders. Growing anxiety and the gathering of greater and greater armies foreboded again coming war. Magic had started to fade from the Meln and this was one really big reason for the armed warfare. In the middle of the age of law the magic was belonged to everyday life of all intuals*. When dragons ruled, all races had learned using magic from agriculture to deadly mass destruction spells. When spells didn't work properly after dragons were destroyed, all races started blaming each other in regard to infertility of earth and scarcity of harvest. In the age of law the population grew explosively and when there was not enough food for everyone, nations started to argue about land areas.

The age of law is said to have been ended when the dwarves for some reason lost their ability to cast spells. At same time however the elves seemed to be able to handle more magic than other races. Dwarven clans allied together and raided elven cities and caused massive destruction all over the elven communities. Although elves had the superior ability to use magic, they were not able to defend against furious dwarves. Elves allied with a few human nations against dwarves and dwarves to the same extend got other nations on their side. Later also many other races joined this hundred years war and finally whole Meln was under great tumult. Paladri joined to the side of dwarves but when they were destroying elven forests, they were also confronted by an original forest folk like tree people, faeries and centaurs and the war expands further and further.

Titans, who wanted to stay out of this great war, closed the gates of their cities and concentrated to their own development and searching of a new and more peaceful regions. Then finally the titans found a formerly unknown island from the west. From there they found short and plump humans and started to call them halflings.

The hundred years war

The hundred years' war belongs to end of the age of law and as the name says it lasted about hundred years. It is the main reason for respective grudges between different races. Almost every race had some part on that war, since it was a good reason to conquer land areas from neighboring nations. So far the borders of different nations and races haven't been agreed. Dragons agreed the only borders that existed and these "official" borders were forgotten with the dragons.

During this war there was always great battles somewhere in Meln. Truces were agreed upon and broken. The world's population was halved. From all the races only titans and halflings were not part of this war.

At the end of war one magically most developed elven clan withdrew underground because they were advised by the Gxotar to do so. They noticed that they were closer to the level of magic that existed in the time of dragons. They betrayed even their own race and caused great shaft of bitterness between them and elves living above earth. Elves surrender to dwarves and passed the original reason of this war on elves that had chosen the darkness of Gxotar and underground life. They started to call these renegades dark elves.

The age of stability

The age of stability was perhaps the most peaceful time in history of Meln. Whole Meln was in perfect balance and there were not many wars. Titans, who had lived long times isolated from other races, though that this new and peaceful time was worth of retaining. Titans forged a mighty Sword of Balance. The sword was meant to retain peace and balance in entire Meln and keep it a good place to live for everyone.

In the age of stability magic became more common among humans and other "young" races. Then was also first powerful brotherhood of wizards born. The brotherhood was known everywhere by the name Five stars. Wizards of the Five stars were respected and honored masters, who worked for common good of all intuals.

The new age of dragons

Loi'Iatha the empress of dragons was dissatisfied her situation. She was the empress of dragons without any dragons. So she took the egg of a phoenix and laid it into her womb. The phoenix embryo withered and Loi'Iatha brought forth Draunthroan, the soul of the ancestor of dragons, to a new and stronger body. Loi'Iatha reinforced her new protege with an obsidian armor and transformed it's eyes into a far seeing sky-sapphires.

Draunthroan helped Loi'Iatha to raising the race of dragons to a new glory. Draunthroan also wrote all his ancient knowledge in to one book. Humans call this great tome as a "Curse of Dragons". The tome holds all knowledge the dragons had about themselves, arcana-magic and Meln.

Dragons reproduce fast, but because all other races were developed much from those times dragons last time ruled, dragons had no possibility to totally enslave all other races under their cruel command. Over two centuries dragons tried furiously get the control, but without success. Part of the Dragons didn't want to rule any more, but only live in peace with other races. To the same extent the most conservative Dragons however wanted total chaos and that way force the whole of Meln under their control. These differing opinions drove dragons to a public war against each other. Because the dragons were so powerful, the war also forcibly affected lives of all other races. Dragons either hired or forced participants from other races to their armies. In this age had many wars between dragons and those wars were fast and bloody but very wide and extremely destructive against all participants.

Those Dragons who resisted old habits and ruling the world, however never turned against Loi'Iatha. They had noticed that there was also other ways to carry out her will, than enslaving and oppression. One most visible change of the revolting "good" dragons was that their scales got a metallic hue.

Once again the Dragons were dying to extinction. Written documents tell that dragons slated each other, but the rumors and legends tell that they were only moved in the plane of gods, because Loi'Iatha didn't want to lose her people again. There is no reliable knowledge of the disappearance of the Dragons. No one knows did dragons disappear finally and did the Loi'Iatha disappear with them. The Draelons (witches of Loi'Iatha) however insist and believe that Dragons live among humans as a beggars and kings observing intuals and waiting sign from their goddess. Draelons are also believed to be descendants of Dragons.

In the new age of the dragons also Titans disappear. Only halflings could tell that a few Titans had seen the promised land in their dreams. After their dreams they had prepared their voyage to the east and when three starturns had passed, Titans and their boats were gone from the continent of Antcash and from the lands of halflings. They didn't leave any messages behind.

The age of miracles

In the age of miracles, anxiety started again increasing and even the gods feared for the possible great war, that could change the whole world disparate. Gxotar, the god of the black sun got more popularity and the powers of evilness grew. Gxotar gathered massive armies that consisted of giants and lesser "black" races, like orcs and goblins. His armies grew daily and there were little skirmishes all over the continent of Antcash.

In the year of 404 of the age of miracles, hundreds of giants and thousands of orcs attacked to a peaceful city of Kunam. Battle was quickly over and Kunam was almost entirely razed. That quick and bloody attack was a dark prognosis of what was coming. In their fear of black races, human nations ally between and soon also elven and stubborn dwarven nations have to sign Zaarg's ally-contract. (City of Zaarg became known of its pressuring atmosphere dominating at the moment the contract was signed.)

During the next year battles spread all over the continent of Antcash. Humans and their allies fought bravely, toughly and sometimes successfully against Gxotar's massive forces. But Gxotar's forces advanced irrevocably and razed even greatest cities on their way. The situation was nearly hopeless.

In the year of 405 Gxotar's forces had conquered nearly whole Antcash and the final victory and enslavement or destruction of mankind was only a matter of time. Only the Moon Island, situated in Ring Sea, was not conquered. Its two powerful wizard kingdoms Meneria and Teseria succeeded in repelling all attacks with only little own loss.

In the year of 406 unknown but powerful warrior named "Hawk" rose to leading allied forces. He had a massive army that consisted of thousands elves, dwarves and humans. He led them towards Great desert of the ancient gods. His intention was to find the legendary and powerful "Sword of Balance". His army crushed all resistance on their way but suffered also great men losses. Despite of all setbacks, Hawk and his forces achieved their goal and found the mighty Sword of Balance. With that legendary sword he thought to be able to restore balance to the world.

Two long and exhausting years Hawk and his growing army continued fighting against evil and at last they found the dark fortress of Gxotar. This enormous and gloomy fortress was called as "Mor'Ghrak" -the heart of darkness. The attack against Mor'Ghrak lasted several days and took life from thousands of soldiers from both armies. At last the defenses broke and course of battle turned more and more to Hawk and his army. Hawk faced embodiment of Gxotar and beat him with the Sword of Balance. After Gxotar's defeat the forces of darkness lost their desire and interest for the war and the war was practically over. Miracle has happened! For this last battle ended also the age of the miracles. The world had again got a new possibility. Even nowadays no living thing lives in the ruins of Mor'Ghrak.

The age of three moons

The age of the three moons started when Gxotar was defeated and war ended. Great upheavals shook the entire world. Moons in the sky changed and Caion continent moved closer to Antcash. Disorder and chaos dominated everywhere. The war had ended and so ended alliance between humans, elves and dwarves and each race moved into their own regions recovering from horrors of war and living their own isolated life like before the war. Also the alliances between humans broke up. Humans, who once fought against evil like a one big nation, now started taking advance of disorder and weakened positions of others and gathered riches and land. Nearly everyone tried to get in as good position as possible before others would recover from the war.

Most nations got their current form in the age of three moons. Only some oldest realms retained their former positions after war. Nearly a hundred years humans fought against each other all around the continent and new nations born and fell with a fast pace. When 150 years had passed humans finally started getting some sense in their actions and situation started calming down. Dwarves and elves had also their own disagreements but not in as large a scale as humans had.

The Age of the Three Moons was named by the three moons orbiting Meln. The strange thing in this matter is that some people insist that sky has one moon more than earlier and some people insist that one moon shattered in the sky and one fell down at western ocean. For this reason the western ocean got its name: "Sea of the fallen moon". This moon matter is also officially checked from the most accurate elven archives and even there is contradicting information about the moons. So, it is impossible to say how many moons orbited Meln in the age of Miracles. Some nations say there was only two and some say there was five. Only sure thing is that now Meln has three moons orbiting it.

Present year is 212 of the age of the three moons. Nearly all damages of the war of the black sun have been repaired and mankind has again recovered from the edge of destruction. However deep scars of war haven't been healed. Everywhere people still remember horrors of war. Many tales and legends of war live among humans, elves and dwarves as well as among many other races who were part of that great war. Giants, orcs, goblins and other races that fought at Gxotar's side, are hated and despised all around the world.

Written by : NorAdron, MoR
Translated by : MoR

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