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Name Nation Map Population Short description
Chardon - Ei 3200 Tower city.
Achal Alcandia Kyllä 5080 Port city named by Achali the guardian of time.
Andar Alcandia Kyllä 460 Small village and very important stopping place on the shore of a lake.
Aras Alcandia Kyllä 1480 Small fisher town in the bottom of Aras bay. Sheltered port.
Archos Alcandia Kyllä 5165 City known of its skillfully bound books.
Badar Alcandia Kyllä 1670 Small and well protected city. Known of its skilled weapon smiths.
Bazbur Alcandia Kyllä 940 Well fortified small port city in the border of Alcandia and Velnor.
Crovik Alcandia Kyllä 12400 Large and sheltered port city.
Dolcea Alcandia Kyllä 4150 Disreputable port, known of its skilled carpenters.
Faetan Alcandia Kyllä 860 Small but important grain pruducer inland. Popular stopping place of merchant caravans.
Hunare Alcandia Kyllä 260 A small fishing community on the lake shore.
Kelran Alcandia Kyllä 22300 Biggest city in Alcandia.
Lienal Alcandia Kyllä 660 Village on the shore of the Ring sea.
Lunia Alcandia Ei 385 Northest city of Alcandia.
Moneras Alcandia Kyllä 460 Important intermediate port of many merchant ships between Dolcea and Trenesa.
Nadea Alcandia Kyllä 1130 Northern fishing community and last port when sailing to the north.
Penoal Alcandia Ei 890 A remote mining village.
Regar Alcandia Ei 880 Small port city in embouchure.
Staalar Alcandia Ei 655 Small village on the river bank.
Timoer Alcandia Kyllä 420 Village near hills of Justice. Popular stopping place.
Trenesa Alcandia Kyllä 16300 Very busy trading centre and capital city of Alcandia.
Varadar Alcandia Ei 355 Important wood producer.
Daret Arantia Ei 670
Denet Arantia Ei 3900
Detha Arantia Ei 3900
Dhynas Arantia Ei 930
Fontal Arantia Ei 29000
Jugor Arantia Ei 2500
Siracis Arantia Ei 6700
Thos Arantia Ei 37600
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