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The beginning

Everything started from all covering and complete non-existence. There was no opposites. There was not even emptiness nor entropy. There was only a concept beyond human understanding, which could only be explained by the simple word: nothing. Human is pure existence, so it can't understand the existence of non-existence in the beginning of everything.

This unnamed created something by accident and without realizing itself. This something was opposite of it and the Unnamed noticed it existed. And then, we could say, it became the non-existence. The Unnamed noticed self and by accident it named itself as an opposite of the existence. So this is how the existence got its name and opposite of the existence is the non-existence, and so the non-existence has a name, so it is existing. To the Non-existence, existing is agonizing and so it's only remaining alternative was destruction of existence. Because the non-existence tries to destroy existence with all possible ways, existence could only try to survive. In other words, everything works only because the existence exists and the non-existence tries to remove existence. In the beginning everything was not so well balanced, because the non-existence was eternal and the existence was only a little spark in infinity. We can say that non-existence is emptiness and existence is a light.

Emptiness didn't want to exist, it only wanted to wipe out the light and lapse back to the total non-existence. It wipes out the light, but still realizes itself. It noticed that it must destroy itself, before it could get back to the complete non-existence. It tries to destroy itself, but it couldn't, because it doesn't know self. It tries many times, but it only creates a cycle, which is a basic element of time. Part of time is an existence and part of it is beyond the existence. So, the non-existence had created existence again.

Emptiness tries to wipe out the time, but because time is not wholly existence, it was much harder to destroy. Time liked to exist, so it tried to get the non-existence to stop. The non-existence didn't listen time and so time escaped to the past. From the past time found a spark of existence, saved it and took it to the past. (so the non-existence didn't succeed to destroy the spark of existence because time took it to the past to the time before time. It is possible only because time is the eternity itself.) In other words, in the past this spark of existence emerges in the middle of emptiness, thanks to the time.

Meanwhile, when time was in its own past before there was neither time, nor present, nor future. (in other words time was, but it wasn't in present or future.) Non-existence succeeded to destroy itself beyond the boundaries of time. In the past it however woke again and believed that it had created existence. So time destroyed the possibility, that non-existence would have succeeded in destroying the existence.

Non-existence from the past tried to again learn how to destroy itself but it only created another time, which took another existence with it to the past, and so the existence and the time grew up and developed. This paradox continued eternally and so the existence became boundless. (Time was already boundless, because eternity is boundless and eternity is only a part of the time. The non-existence was boundless already from birth.) The non-existence always destroyed itself, but time and existence preserved and their number increases. Times and existences unite and they noticed that they need the non-existence to exist. Existence needs opposites to exist. (opposite of time is timelessness, which is part of the non-existence.)

Time and the whole existence went eternally back to the past to the point when the first spark of existence was born. The boundless existence took the spark into itself and started to fight with the non-existence. Fight was endlessly equal because the non-existence was boundless and the existence had collected itself and grown eternally, so it was boundless too. Main task for the time was to give both a reason for eternal and equal fight.

In other words: Cruel torture for the non-existence - eternal suffering.

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